Enjoy RV camping like never before by reserving your RV parking in Odessa, TX.



All Inclusive Rates

Why throw money away on an apartment when it will never be yours?

Instead, stay in your own personal RV at Rock Hollow TX RV Park, the best monthly RV park in Odessa, TX


     Rock Hollow West TX RV Park offers well-maintained camp sites that are available on a monthly all inclusive basis. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to apartment living in Odessa, TX, a long-term or even permanent stay at a local RV park may be the perfect solution. At Rock Hollow West TX RV Park, we offer one of the most affordable and efficient long term RV campgrounds in the area. You will find that our campsites are large, well-maintained, and very private.

     While we have some of the most affordable monthly rentals in the area, it is important to realize that all of your major utilities are included right in your rental fee. This includes your electric, water, sewer, and trash. As part of your rent, you will also have full access to our non-coin operated laundry facilities that are available to all our RV park residents. We even provide individual mailboxes and addresses for every resident at our long term RV park.

     We maintain a pet friendly RV park to allow our residents to bring a four-legged friend with them. However, we do ask that you always clean up after your pets and that you keep them on a leash at all times, unless they are inside your fenced-in yard. We also ask that you do your best to keep your dog’s barking to a minimum to ensure a peaceful environment for the other guests. 

     RV space rental sites are very spacious. In fact, each site is a full 30 feet by 60 feet, which is perfect for any size RV you may have. Each site also includes a large outdoor area that you can use to create your own private outdoor oasis. Our rules are very flexible to allow you to customize your personal outdoor space. There is also parking available at each campsite.

        Are you wasting money every month paying for an apartment that will never be yours? Save yourself some money by trading in your apartment for RV camping at Rock Hollow West TX RV Park. Our deluxe RV campground is geared towards long-term stay camping. Our facilities are kept clean at all times, and include security fencing for added protection for our guests. Not only will you find that our rates are much cheaper than your current rent, but you will own the RV you are living in.

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